August OTS Influence Group meetings

20 Sep

OTS has recently hosted meetings of the Information Services Influence Group (ISIG) and Data Governance Influence Group (DGIG).  These groups have been established to provide insight into OTS’s development of its strategic objectives and alignment of OTS technology objects with enterprise business strategies.  As the demand for IT services expands, OTS’s goal is to establish and maintain procedures and guidelines for the equitable and effective provisioning of information services and to ensure the most appropriate solutions and staff are matched to the State’s projects and priorities.  These groups are comprised of members designated by agency, OTS staff, and Division of Administration executive management.

The Data Governance Influence Group held their kick-off meeting on August 14, 2017 and was attended by representatives from:

  • Division of Administration: Randy Davis
  • Louisiana Workforce Commission: Benny Soulier, Kenneth Burrell
  • Children and Family Service: Guy Sylvester
  • Economic Development: Nicolaus James, Anne Villa
  • of Education: Kim Nesmith
  • Natural Resources: Beverly Hodges
  • Office of Technology Services: Dickie Howze, Robert Manuel, Susan Eversull, David Dousay, Tom Allsup, James Alt, Mike Andresen, Will Kelly
  • Members not in attendance:

Documents presented and discussed included:

  • Data Governance Influence Group Charter
  • Enterprise Data Governance Agenda Format and Template
  • Enterprise Data Management Strategy Overview
  • Enterprise Data Management Plan
  • Enterprise Data Management Policies and Standards

In addition, an overview of the “Top 5” data governance initiatives were discussed. These include:

  • Enterprise Data Management Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Master Data Repositories
  • Data Sharing Agreements
  • Advisory Committees


The Information Services Influence Group held their third meeting on August 22, 2017 and was attended by representatives from

  • Division of Administration: Randy Davis,
  • Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority,: Janice Lansing
  • Environmental Quality: Karyn Andrews
  • Wildlife and Fisheries: Bryan McClinton
  • Office of Technology Services: Dickie Howze, Neal Underwood, Matthew Vince, James Alt,  Susan Eversull, David Dousay
  • Members not in attendance: Brad Doucet (DOTD), Cindy Rives (LDH)

Discussion included:

  • Ratification of the group’s charter
  • Review of recently enrolled House Concurrent Resolution 121 requesting OTS study and report on the mission critical information technology systems in use by the executive branch agencies to determine risks and costs of continued operations of outdated and ineffective information technology systems
  • An in depth overview of OTS’s Enterprise Architecture and Application Modernization efforts that are currently underway
  • Attached are copies of the meeting’s presentation and handout materials.

Copies of both meeting’s presentation and handout materials are provided below. Future meetings for both groups are tentatively scheduled for the end of October.

If there is a topic or concern that you would like to have addressed please feel free to contact the group’s chairman.