GIS Workgroup Update – December 24, 2014

29 Dec

The workgroup has recommended to Richard “Dickie” Howze, the state CIO, that ESRI products should become the state standard.

All ESRI License centralization decisions have been established, and the workgroup is working with ESRI to complete the transaction. The workgroup is creating an ITB to procure GIS products since the ESRI contract will expire in February 2015. The workgroup would like to finalize the centralized GIS environment to assist DOTD’s upcoming Road & Highways project. This will be the first project that will run in the new GIS environment.

The workgroup has requested that the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute update, support, and maintain Virtual Louisiana which could be hosted at the Information Services Building (ISB) or at Louisiana State University (LSU).

The workgroup has identified high level discussion points to be vetted with other workgroups to establish centralized GIS environment. The discussions will begin in early January 2015.