Enterprise Data Workgroup Update – February 26, 2015

26 Feb

We would like to express our sincere thanks to workgroup members and others who assisted with the data inventory! With few exceptions, each agency’s mission-essential applications and associated data have been identified – over 350 instances thus far. The collected information provides valuable insight into the State’s data assets and establishes a baseline for future data related activities. A lot has been accomplished in a short time.

Now the process of evaluating the inventory responses has begun. Each of the 350+ applications and their data is being examined in terms of business function, content, shareability, security, and compliance. Once the evaluation is completed, results will be assembled, then shared and discussed through a series of agency-level meetings with workgroup participants, relationship managers, and other interested parties.  These meetings will be scheduled with assistance from the agency relationship managers.

Our data management journey is off to a good start!