Detailed Org Unit Charts

11 Aug

On July 9th, the top level organization chart for the Office of Technology Services (OTS) was posted. The Division of Administration’s Office of Human Resources and the Department of State Civil Service recently gave final approval for the detailed organizational structure of OTS. The detailed organizational structure for the entire organization is now available.

In addition, separate organization charts for each of the following units can be accessed:

*The transition in the Applications and Data Management unit will take longer than the transition in other units. Thus, the Interim represents how the structure will look in the very near future, with the Final chart depicting the structure that will be ultimately achieved over a longer time period.

The existing pool of OTS employees will be transitioning to this new structure over the upcoming months. Top level and managerial level positions will be posted as vacancies associated with the reorganization of OTS and will be competitively filled from the current pool of OTS employees. Over the last several months a small number of vacancies has accumulated within OTS through normal attrition (e.g., retirements) which have not been filled. OTS will be posting these vacant positions as well, and these vacant positions will not be limited to current OTS employees. Since this is potentially confusing, OTS will ensure that job postings clearly state whether it is a job posting associated with the reorganization of OTS and therefore limited to the current pool of OTS employees, OR whether it is a vacant position that will be filled on a probationary basis within OTS and is not limited to the current pool of OTS employees.