IT Consolidation Update

27 Jan

Good Afternoon,

On Friday (01/24/2014) at the meeting of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget it was announced that the implementation of IT Consolidation for executive branch cabinet agencies will be moving forward. IT services for these agencies will be consolidated at the start of fiscal year 2015 (07/01/2014) into a new, centralized ancillary organization called the Office of Technology Services (OTS).

Information Technology staff, assets, and contracts will move to the Office of Technology Services. OTS will recover the costs for providing IT support to its customers through rate-based lines of service. Approximately 825 staff will immediately become employees of OTS, but the actual realignment of staff to new duties and responsibilities will occur in multiple phases as we move through the fiscal year. These phases will be announced as soon as decisions are completed. As of today there is no timeline in place.

In the interim the staff will physically remain positioned in the agency continuing their present roles, even though they have become OTS employees, to ensure no interruption of critical support services occurs.

As soon as more information is available regarding the consolidation and organizational impacts we will communicate through the IT Consolidation website and through individual meetings at the agencies.

Thank you for your support during this transition.

Dickie Howze