FAQs for Vendors – December 16, 2013

16 Dec

What is the IT Consolidation project?

In support of continuing efforts to reduce spending and improve efficiency in Louisiana state government, the State contracted with Deloitte Consulting to create a roadmap for transforming Louisiana’s IT environment into a consolidated model for service delivery. Since November 2013, the Team has been interviewing departmental/agency CIOs, business leaders, and staff, as well as examining the existing infrastructure, services and organizational structures of current IT operations. The initial results indicate opportunities for significant positive transformation. To address these opportunities, the project team is developing a series of strategic and operational plans to implement key IT shared service projects that will enable IT Transformation. The planning project is currently in Phase One: Current State Assessment and Analysis, which will conclude this month. Phase Two, Future State Design, will begin immediately following completion of Phase One and will span the next 6 weeks. A timeline is available here.

Has the IT Planning and Management Support Services contract been awarded?

Yes. The Request for Proposals for I.T. Planning & Management Support Services was published on the State’s solicitation website, LaPac, June 28, and closed July 31. The bid was awarded August 30, 2013 to Deloitte Consulting. The contract begin date was November 12 of 2013. The contract covers 4 phases. The project is currently in Phase One: Current State Assessment and Analysis, which will conclude in December, 2013. Phase Two, Future State Design will begin immediately following completion of Phase One. The total length of the planning project is approximately 14 weeks. A timeline is available here.

How can I make sure that I don’t miss out on potential business the project may create?

The State maintains the LaPac (Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network) website. LaPAC offers Vendors electronic access to solicitations let by state agencies. LaPac also allows Vendors to register for email notifications by specific commodity class. LaPac can be found at http://wwwprd1.doa.louisiana.gov/OSP/LaPAC/pubMain.cfm.

It is strongly recommended that Vendors visit the website of the Office of State Purchasing at http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/osp/osp.htm. There is a Vendor Center link with information on Contracting Opportunities, How to Do Business with the State, FAQs, as well as other additional helpful information. (Add reference info for OCR website as well)

Will the Consolidation lead to a more standardized set of tools that the State utilizes?

It is anticipated that there will be a higher level of standardization as well as a higher level of centralization regarding procurement. One component of the planning effort will be development of a statewide technical architecture framework for the consolidated IT enterprise. However, as of this date, with the Project still in the information gathering/planning phase, specific components or standards for the technical architecture framework have not been identified.

Will the Consolidation lead to spin off contracts for the implementation, for example for staff augmentation?

Specific needs for procurement of contract resources have not been identified at this time, however it is anticipated that new procurements will result from implementation of the IT Consolidation Implementation Roadmap. It is recommended that Vendors interested in providing these services visit LaPac regularly to check for solicitations. Vendors may also register to receive email notifications for commodity types/codes of interest to the vendor.