Mainframe Consolidation Workgroup Update – February 24, 2015

24 Feb

Phase 1 of mainframe consolidation was successfully completed on September 21, 2014.  This included the migration of the Division of Administration’s 2097 and the Department of Children and Family Services’ 2817 mainframes into a newly procured Office of Technology Services’ 2827 mainframe. The old hardware was sunset and subsequently returned to the manufacturer on trade-in.

Phase 2 is in the final stages of planning, with three different options under consideration.  Members of the working group will be meeting on March 3rd to discuss and finalize the roadmap.  It is expected that the Office of Technology Services’ 2827 will have its capacity increased from 2609 to 3403 MIPS, and its memory doubled.  The Division of Administration’s 2098, the Department of Transportation’s 2818, and theDepartment of Children and Family Services’ 2098 mainframes are targeted for consolidation during this second phase.